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<P>AL: I started my company based upon what I found to be a missing link in my wardrobe: tees that are versatile enough for me to <STRONG><a href="">Golden Goose Superstar Sale</a></STRONG> wear during the day and be able to dress up at night. I always had a true love for vintage tees and sweats. I wanted to find a way to modernize and merge the two into a brand that was current, quirky and wearable. I started the company out of a friend of mines office in downtown LA. The technicalities of starting the business is never fun, but there is such a great feeling when designing and seeing things brought to life it cancels out all the mundane tasks of setting up the actual business.</P>
<P>To make fly-aways a thing of the past, use a dime-size amount in your hair and lightly pat strands down.?Hair SerumFor those who like to have 24/7 hydration on their dry <STRONG><a href="">Golden Goose Superstar</a></STRONG> hair, argan oil might be your answer. Its high vitamin E content will nourish your strands and give them added shine. </P>
<P>Commenting on the lack of racial diversity on the runways, some casting directors revealed complete indifference to the terms of the debate: I dont like to talk in terms of white, Asian, black, etc., said <STRONG><a href="">Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers</a></STRONG> Barbara Nicoli, who casts shows for Burberry, Marchesa, Gucci?and so on.?Because a model is a model and thats it. To me, if we want to talk about diversity, its about the model and not the color of their skin. Its more about the body, the face and the attitude.</P>
<P>Only time will tell whether LVMH’s actions will be considred illegal, and whether they will in fact relinquish the shares they bought. However, it would be quite sad to see one of the world’s few remaining iconic brands not already owned by a conglomerate be taken over by a powerhouse like LVMH, and the quality of goods would likely suffer as a result.</P>
<P>With so many awards shows and couture collections delivering stunning red carpet dresses, youd think wed be over celebrities and their dresses. Not so! We cant get enough of sorting the good from the bad and showcasing the most spectacular red carpet looks. Below are our picks of the week. </P>
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